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Why ChooseOEM Auto Parts

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    A Grade Auto parts:

    We only deal with tested A-Grade used OEM auto parts with low mileage. We at OEM auto parts care about our customers need for a better auto part, which can make their vehicle run smoothly and on the road for a longer duration without having to visit a mechanic ever so often.

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    Nation Wide Access:

    We sell all kind of used auto parts like Engine, Transmission, Transfer cases, Axle Assembly & other Used Car Parts and accessories, all over United states. We have warehouses all over US which gives us access to better OEM auto parts and also makes it easier to ship the product fast to wherever the customer is located.

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    5 Star Rating:

    We have 5-star Google rating from more than 150+ customers. Even though we are a relatively new company dew to our dedication towards our customers and determination to always provide top class auto parts to our customers has made us achieve 5-star rating from Google with great reviews from our satisfied customers.

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    Expert Customer support:

    We have dedicated customer support service who have several years of experience in auto part retail industry and they are well versed in all your vehicles requirements and its auto parts.

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    We provide our OEM auto parts with guaranteed warranty. As we all know how important warranty is for any product you buy and to get your money worth as well as for your peace of mind. You don't have to worry about loosing your money or any other problems related to you auto part as we provide warranty with every auto part we sell.

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    Local pick-up:

    We provide local pickup for auto part to our customers so you can save on delivery and shipping of auto part too, this makes out products more affordable to those who have tight budget and are looking for an affordable auto part for their vehicle.

SalvageYard Near Me

Buying auto parts from salvage yards can be a great way to save money. Not surprisingly "salvage yard near me" is one of the top searches on google search. But you should always make sure that the car is not stolen and make sure that it is not damaged in an accident.

It is important to be aware of the risks associated with buying auto parts from salvage yards. Salvage yards are not regulated by the Federal Government, so they are not required to post prices, provide warranties, or offer refunds for products.

Risks of Buying Auto Parts from a Salvage Yard:

  • No price tags
  • No warranty information
  • No refund if the product does not work or does not match your specific car's specifications

Salvage yards are good places to find inexpensive auto parts. But there are some things you should keep in mind before heading out to your nearest salvage yard. One of the most important things is the quality of the parts and how easily it can be installed. The second thing is price and whether or not it matches your budget.

Salvage yards offer a lot of cheap, used car parts that might be suitable for your car. There's a catch, though: if you end up getting counterfeit or faulty car parts from a salvage yard, you'll end up causing more problems than you're solving (and wasting money).

If you are looking for a specific part, salvage yards are the best place to go. You can find everything from tires to car engines there. If they do not have the part in stock, they will usually be able to tell you where else in town can get one for you at a reasonable price.

Finding the best auto parts for your car is not easy. You need to research the part, find a reliable dealer and then spend time on visiting different shops to compare prices. Here are some things you should keep in mind before you buy auto parts from salvage yard:

  • The condition of the car
  • Whether you are sure about the authenticity of the car part
  • Is the cost of repair worth it?

Make sure that it is a reputable business instead of some shady one. You can do this by checking for licenses or certifications on the website, asking around in your area, and reading reviews online.

Choosing the right attire and footwear will keep you from getting hurt while roaming around the salvage yard. You will be walking around tools and scattered car parts, to keep your feet safe you should wear closed toe shoes. Also carry a pair of safety glasses to protect your eyes from dust and other particles. Wear layers and long leg pants to cover your whole body, it will protect your body from scratches and other injuries which may occur during your salvage yard visit.

Most of the people are not aware but salvage yards have a limit and number of tools you can bring with you for safety purpose. Please check the approved number and type of tools you can bring with you before visiting the junkyard.

This goes without saying buy still needs to be addressed. You can seriously get injured or injure others easily if you are under the influence of alcohol. So, for everyone's safety don't visit the junkyard if you are drunk and don't try to sneak in any alcohol with you.

Auto salvage yards are filled with inflammable elements like gasoline and diesel. One accidental spark can start a huge fire and cause a great amount of loss and damage. In order to avoid such accidents from accruing please don't use tools like flame cutters, don't smoke in or around salvage yard area.

Salvage yards are as dangerous for your pets as they are for you. Your pet can accidently ingest something which may be injurious for their health and cause poisoning too. It is advisable to leave your pet animal at home.

To inspect each and every corner of a vehicle, carry a flash light with you. Carrying a flash light with you will help you make sure that you are pulling the right part. You can also inspect the part, and having a flash light will help you remove the auto part easily too.

You can seriously injure your back or strain your muscle or wrist if you try to lift a heavy auto part like transmission or engine. Such heavy auto parts are too heavy and cannot be lifted by just one person. If you are planning on removing a heavy auto part, it is advisable to bring enough help to assist to with the heavy lifting.

Whenever you are visiting a salvage yard, always be alert and be aware of your surroundings. Immediately alert the salvage yard staff if you see something unsafe or dangerous.

Once you are well aware of these precautionary points, you can google search" salvage yard near me" and go to your nearest salvage yard and look for an affordable and working auto part for your vehicle. By keeping these factors in mind, you will be keeping yourself safe and saving your hard-earned money as well.