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Where do I buy oem auto parts?

OEM AUTO PARTS: Here OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. OEM auto parts are created by the manufacturer who supplied the parts to the automobile manufacturer, and they are identical to the ones that were used in your vehicle when it was first built. If you take your car to a licensed dealership to have work done on it, they will almost always use OEM parts. OEM auto parts are too, genuine to be considered reliable, but they come at a reasonable price.

Where do I buy OEM auto parts :

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Types of OEM auto parts online

B2C Autoparts Portal

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B2B Autoparts Website

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1. Advantages

Good quality assurance

OEM parts are guaranteed to be 100 % genuine since they were provided by the original manufacturer. When compared to the original car parts, it should perform as well as the replacement ones.

It is constructed by the vehicle's manufacturer, ensuring quality and performance. When you buy OEM parts, can be assured that you are getting the best parts for your vehicle.

Easier to select

OEM auto parts are only available for your car's unique brand. This will eliminate the need to evaluate and choose a brand based on its quality and pricing. You won't have to worry about getting the right car parts because you'll just get one type.

With warranty

In comparison to aftermarket parts, OEM parts come with a limited warranty. A warranty on a product allows the consumer to have confidence in its quality.


2. Disadvantages


The biggest disadvantage of OEM parts is that they are not interchangeable. OEM parts are more expensive than aftermarket parts due to limited availability.

Limited availability

Your local auto shop or neighboring retailer does not carry OEM parts. You must go to the OEM shop or place an order with the manufacturer online. This will, however, take a few days before it is delivered to you. Because of this disadvantage, OEM components are not a viable option for an emergency repair.

Same quality as Aftermarket Parts

In terms of quality, certain OEM parts are comparable to aftermarket parts.

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