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OEM Auto parts and Its Catalogue Part 5

  • Speedometer:- Speedometer is a device that specifies the speed your vehicle and it generally comes with a device called odometer that records the distance covered by a vehicle. The speedometer is amplified by a device that can be joined to the throttle of the engine so as to maintain the vehicle at a certain speed in some vehicles. OEM auto parts team would recommend you to get it replaced ASAP if it stops working.
  • Spindle:- A spindle is an important part of a vehicle's suspension system. In most vehicles the spindle is at the at the front of a vehicle and it ties wheel and tire to steering system, but some vehicles have spindle at the rear too. 
  • Spoiler, Front:-A front spoiler also referred as air dam is located under the front bumper. the spoiler is used to control the air flow in front of the vehicle, which in turn improves the drag coefficient of the vehicle when racing.
  • Spoiler, Rear:- A rear spoiler is used to disrupt the flow of air in a vehicle. Its design disrupts the smooth flow air of a vehicle which prevents an effect formed by flow of air when it goes under your vehicle called lift.
  • Stabilizer Bar :- A stabilizer bar also known as anti-roll bar, anti-sway bar or sway baris a part of a vehicles suspension system which helps in reducing the body roll of a vehicle while fast turn and other problems caused by damaged or uneven road. It connects left and right wheels together by a short lever arm accompanying by a torsion spring.
  • Starter:- A starter motor turns the engine over through ignition and allows rest of the process to take place. When the ignition is turned on, the starter motor turns the engine over which helps it to draw in air, this process spins the engine over allowing it to suck air and fuel mixture.
  • Steering Column:-A steering column is a section of a vehicle which controls the vehicle. The ignition switch, turn signals, gear selector and cruise control windshield wipers are situated on steering column. The steering column assemblage is located beneath a car's dash board in the driver's compartment.
  • Steering Knuckle:-The steering knuckle is the centre point of steering system it helps the wheels to rotate. Cars with conventional suspension systems have steering knuckle which ropes internal and external wheel bearings.
  • Steering Pump:-A power steering pump makes sure that fluid reaches a vehicles power steering system. It contains rotor which rotates and lets fluid to enter the pump, when the fluid goes in the rotor, it keeps rotating and transfers the fluid to discharge ports.
  • Steering Rack/Box/Gear:-The steering gearbox comprises of the gears which helps driver to conduct the driver's steering ideas into the link and instruments that turn the wheels correctly, making sure that it can run properly.
  • Strut:-Struts help steady your car’s actions, it enhances control on vehicle when it turns, stops, speeds up or drives on a rough road. Recent vehicle models comprise of shocks, struts or both.
  • Sun Roof / T-Top:-A sunroof or T-top is a mobile panel that opens to expose a space in an vehicle roof, It allows light and fresh air to pass in the inside cubicle. Sunroofs come in two types manual and driven. Sun roof are in many styles and side depending on a vehicle.
  • Sun Roof Motor:-A sun roof is opened and closed by a small motorized part which is mechanically controlled. When you activate a sunroof motor sunroof motor it spins which pushes the rods linked to the sunroof which opens or closes the sunroof.
  • Supercharger/Turbocharger:- Superchargers or turbocharger are usually mechanical or hydraulic pumps, installed to enhance the pressure of the air in diesel engines or of the ingestion charge combination in spark engines. OEM auto parts matches the OEM part number of your Superchargers or turbocharger to provide you the exact match.
  • Tail Light:-Tail lights show the back side of the car which helps allows the other drivers to correctly guess the size and shape of the vehicle. Tail lights are visible to other drivers even in bad weather such as rain/snow, they play an important role in a vehicle’s safety.
  • Tailgate/Trunk Lid:-The trunk lid is the protection sheet that lets you access to the main storage or baggage section. Many modern cars have automatic trunk lids which can be unlocked through key.
  • Third Brake Light:-The third break light indicates that the driver is stopping the vehicle. It is positioned higher that the stop lamps which makes them easily visible to other drivers, this adds an extra layer of safety to your vehicle.
  • Throttle Body/Throttle Valve Housing:-The throttle body is a vital portion of vehicles air intake system, it controls the air flow of engine. Throttle body is positioned between air intake and engine manifold where fresh air is pulled into the engine in order for combustion process to take place.
  • Torsion Bar:- Torsion bars are like suspension system. Torsion bars decreases the force of bumps and pits in the road. They move with the bumps which provides a smoother and comfortable ride to the passengers.
  • Transfer Case:- Transfer box is part of drivetrain in four-wheel-drive or all-wheel drive (AWD). Its main purpose is to provide power among the axles which helps the vehicle get extreme grip on damp and icy roads.
  • Transmission Bellhousing:- Transmission bellhousing is a term for the part of the transmission which shelters the flywheel and torque converter of the transmission on vehicles drove by internal combustion engines.
  • Transmission Computer:- The transmission computer or transmission control unit (TCU) was mostly used in older vehicles with transmission without a clutch pedal. OEM auto parts team matches the OEM part number of your transmission computer to provide you the exact match and save your time.
  • Water Pump:- A water pump is important part of a car’s cooling system. Main purpose of a water pump is frequently circulating coolant to a vehicles engine block to prevent overheating. 
  • Window Washer Motor:-Window washer motor operates by sending signal to control module which operates the washer pump, the pump pushes washing liquid through hoses which are connected to the washer jets.
  • Wiper Linkage:- The wiper link is also referred to as wiper lever. It is used for changing the rotation movement of the wiper motor in a vehicle which helps in cleaning windshield. It also helps the driver drive safely by providing better visibility through windshield in bad weather.
  • Wiper Motor:- A vehicles wiper motor controls the windshield wipers. It is built to rotate arm and windscreen wiper blades which gets rid of liquid, ice, dirt, or any other rubble providing better visibility to the driver,