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OEM Auto parts and Its Catalogue Part 3

Front Valance: The protective fitment attached to vehicles' front and rear bumpers are called Valance. The valance protects a vehicle from mud, dirt and debris, and various other damaging elements.

Fuel Distributor/ Injection: The fuel injection system delivers fuel into the cylinders of your car’s engine, this process is controlled and measured by other parameters to give precise results. Pump-line-nozzle, unit injector, and common-rail are few main types of Fuel Injectors

• Fuel Pump: The fuel pump drives gasoline from your car's fuel tank to its engine. A fuel pump also allocates fuel to your vehicle's carburetor and to the fuel injection system. Shop for fuel pumps at the comfort of your home, we have a wide range of OEM parts available at a reasonable rate and in great condition.

Fuel Rail: The fuel rail is one of the most important mechanisms of fuel injectors. A fuel rail is in charge of steadily supplying fuel to your vehicle. A fuel rail is generally used in cutting-edge direct-injection gasoline engines. It helps your vehicle in achieving high fuel productivity and environmental performance

• GPS Screen: A GPS screen or infotainment controls the various functions of your vehicle such as radio, satellite navigation, audio player, Bluetooth connectivity, Internet connection via built in Wi-Fi, reversing cameras which gives a clear and better view for easy maneuver of your vehicle. A GPS screen provides each and every information and function on your finger, we have a wide range of GPS screens available, these OEM parts or used parts which are made for your vehicle by the manufacturer.

• Grille Grill plays a very important role in the process of your vehicle’s safety. A grill not only protects your vehicle from mud, dirt, and other debris found on the road but also helps the cool air to safely enter the vehicle and cool down the radiator.

• Harmonic Balancer (Crank Pulley) The harmonic balancer also known as crankshaft pulley is situated at the end of the crankshaft. The crank pulley conducts torque or power through the pulley to other car elements, such as the power steering pump and alternator.

• Header Panel A header panel works as a support for the exterior parts of your vehicle. A header panel can be made of plastic, fiberglass or metal is depending on your car's model but it always surrounds and works as a framework for headlights and grille and radiator of your vehicle. We have various OEM header panels with a warranty. We would always suggest our customers Buy OEM parts that come with a warranty in case any damage occurs to them.

• Cylinder Head A cylinder head is a space through which the piston travels, pushed to the energy produced from the combustion of the air and fuel mixture in the combustion chamber. It also acts as a mode of cooling your engine by providing cooled air to the engine.

• Headlight Assembly The main function of your vehicle’s headlight is lightening the road ahead when it's dark and the visibility is low like fog or rain. The headlight bulb is the most vital part of a headlight. You can switch your vehicle's headlight to a high beam or low beam as and when required.

• Headlight Door motor is usually found in vehicles with pop-up or retractable headlights. Retracting headlights are not common these days you can still find them in older models and some new cars with custom-built retracting headlights.

• Headlight Motor A headlight motor is also called a headlight leveling motor which controls the positioning focus of its attached headlights. This provides better aim and angle to your headlights which in turn provides you with better visibility even in bad weather.

• Headlight Switch The headlight switch controls your vehicle's interior lights, low and high beam headlights as well as automatic headlight system. The headlight switches can easily wear out with regular use and should be replaced for you and the safety of your vehicle.

• Headlight Wiper Motor Only The main function of a headlight wiper motor is to wipe/clean the headlight lens in bad weather or when the lens is dirty for better visibility and a smooth drive.

• Heater Assembly A heater located under the dashboard of your vehicle is a small radiator, and it contains aluminum or brass tubes with cooling fins to maximize surface area. Hot coolant passes through the heater core to provide heat and returns to the engine cooling circuit. We have experts who can help you decide which OEM part will be best for your vehicle.

• Heater Core A heater core is a mini version or smaller version of a radiator, but the biggest difference between them is that radiator is used to cool the coolant the heater core is used to warm the interior of the vehicle.

• Heater Motor The heater motor is the most important part of your vehicle's heating and cooling system, a fan of a heater motor push in a hot air vent or cool air vent according to your requirement. We have genuine OEM parts available with a guaranteed warranty.

• Heater/AC Control A heater or AC control maintains the interior temperature of your vehicle. Heater or AC control is also known as HVAC which stands for Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning. An HVAC system is the most commonly used heating/cooling system in recent car models.

• Hybrid Converter/Inverter A hybrid inverter converts the DC electricity from batteries or fuel to AC electricity. The electricity can be produced at any voltage required to operate a system.

• Ignition Module The main function of an ignition module is to fire the spark plugs. In order to run properly each and every spark plug needs to be fired/ignited at the exact time. Crankshaft position sensor or camshaft position sensor are used to determine when to fire the spark plug.

• Ignition Switch As the name states an ignition switch provides starter or power to the starter motor, ignition system, and other engine controls. The ignition switch can wear out from regular use OEM auto parts team suggest getting it replaced to prevent engine failure.

• Info Screen An info screen is the display and software that show up on your vehicle's center screen. An info screen plays a major role in today’s modern vehicles. It runs all the communication, navigation, music, and audio system of your vehicle.

• Instrument Cluster An instrument cluster consists of several displays and indicators that allow a driver to drive the vehicle more efficiently. An instrument cluster consists of a speedometer, odometer, tachometer, oil pressure gauge, fuel gauge several other warning and malfunction indicators.

• Intake Manifold The intake manifold is consisting of several tubes which make sure that air entering is evenly distributed to all cylinders. The intake manifold prevents the engine from overheating by cooling it down.

• Intercooler An intercooler is generally used on Turbocharged or Supercharged vehicle engines. Its main job is to gather up all the air compressed by the supercharger and turbocharger cool it. We match the OEM part number of the part required by you with our stock to provide you with the exact match.

• Knee Assembly Knee Action on the front wheels of a vehicle means that the wheels are free to move up and down independently on road. The knee assembly term is generally used in the salvage industry. Knee assembly consists of a whole suspension unit, steering knuckle, wheel bearing, strut assembly, and control arms.

• Leaf Spring, Front/Rear A leaf spring aims at making your ride as comfortable as possible by minimizing the tremors and vibration caused by uneven roads. Leaf springs are generally used in heavy vehicles such as commercial buses, vans and trucks, SUVs, and train carriages.

• Lid/Gate The trunk lid is also called decklid, is the cover that permits you to open the main storage or luggage compartment of your vehicle. Many modern cars have automatic trunk lids which can be opened and closed through sensors but usually, a trunk lid can be opened through a car key a switch situated at the bottom near the break.

• Marker/Fog Light, Front/Rear The main function of a fog lamp is to guide the driver, road boundaries, track marks, and the road ahead while you are driving in bad weather. A fog lamp can be used with headlamps in very bad visibility conditions, with the help of a fog light and headlamps a driver can safely maneuver the vehicle even in poor weather.

• Master Cylinder A master cylinder or a brake master cylinder changes pressure generated from the brake pedal into hydraulic power which causes the brakes to operate on a vehicle. We have great deals available on OEM parts including the master cylinder.

• Oil Cooler An oil cooler functions similarly to a radiator, an oil cooler is specially designed to keep your engine oil cool. The oil cooler has several tubes and fins which help in providing good airflow. They are usually situated near a radiator or fan where they can take the maximum flow of air.

• Oil Pan, Engine An oil pan is a metallic plate that covers the lowest part of the engine block. An oil pan acts as a pool that reserves the engine oil. The oil cools down here as air flows over the surface of the pan and it also acts as a place where impurities in the oil settle and old oil are removed through a drain hole.

• Park/Fog Lamp Front/rear The newer models of vehicles are equipped with fog lights or park lights. Fog lights are low beams that allow you to see through the fog. If one uses normal high beam lights in fog, the light would bounce off the fog and reflect in every direction which makes it harder to see the road clearly. We match the OEM part number of the part required by you with our stock to provide you with the exact match.

• Power Brake Booster The brake booster is situated between the brake pedal and the master cylinder, and its main purpose is to increase the force on the brake pedal. By using the power of the engine vacuum to boost the force you put on the master cylinder

• Power Inverter (Hybrid) Most hybrid cars have the advanced feature of an electric motor and a small battery. This battery pack is charged when the engine is in motion

• Power Steering Assembly The most basic function of power steering is to reduce the struggle and energy used by the driver to turn the steering wheel. Without power steering, the steering of most vehicles would be very heavy, mainly during low-speed and sharp turns.

• Power Steering Pump The power steering pump confirms that fluid reaches a vehicle's power steering system. It pressurizes the hydraulic fluid making sure it reaches the steering system. A power steering pump is equipped with a rotor which has vanes around the perimeter. As the rotor turns, it pulls power steering fluid out of the reserve which in turn increases its pressure.