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OEM Auto parts and Its Catalogue Part 1

OEM Auto parts believe that a vehicle is one of the most significant parts of everyone’s daily life and to have your car running smoothly on road always requires a bit of knowledge and awareness about It.

We at OEM auto parts aim to fulfill our customers’ requirements without any hassle by helping you find what you need for your car, at a lower price than most junkyard/auto salvage yards can offer. We want to make our customers aware of the different options available to them and how to pick the most suitable one. But in order to pick a suitable part for your vehicle, you need to have some knowledge about them, so OEM auto parts are providing you with Its catalog which has every part we sell and its functions

  • A/C Compressor:- The A/C compressor is the most important part of your vehicle's air conditioning. It changes the refrigerant from gas to liquid. This process pressurizes refrigerant to absorb heat from the cabin of the car and provides you cool air whenever you need it.

  • A/C Condenser:- An A/C condenser is the outer area of your vehicle's air conditioner or heat pump that may release or gathers heat, depending on the weather/season and your choice.

  • A/C Control Computer:- A/C control computer is a fairly new step and a game-changer in your vehicle's air conditioning system. Also known as Automatic climate control system which allows you to set the A/C temperature according to your preference and with the help of sensors it will adjust the temperature automatically.

  • A/C Evaporator:- A/C Evaporator is a small heat transferring unit located in the dashboard. But unlike a heater, an A/C Evaporator distributes cool air. It has refrigerant which has been cooled down by the compressor and distributed through the blower to the passengers’ compartment.

  • A/C Heater Control:- With A/C heater control mode, the air conditioner makes your vehicle warm and comfortable in winters. Your heater control is connected to the car's engine cooling system so it’s crucial for you to be aware of it. We at OEM auto parts would recommend you have your A/C heater control checked as soon as you notice any problem in heating in fact it may not be a bad idea to have it inspected. 

  • Air Bag Ctrl Module:-The complete airbag system runs with the help of the airbag control module and without it, the airbags in your car will not deploy during an abrupt break or accident. We at OEM auto parts want you to understand the importance of the Air Bag Ctrl Module and how crucial and significant role it plays in your and your family’s safety. Driving without an airbag system is not safe and we all know that but do you know that it stores accident-related information which can be used to find out how and why the accident occurred.

  • Air Box/Air Cleaner:- An air box or air cleaner is an empty space in the combustion engine. It gathers air from outside filters out dust and other particles and sends it directly to the intake hoses cylinders which prevent engine damage caused by foreign objects.

  • Air Flow Meter:- An air flow meter is mainly made to measure the amount of air going into the combustion engine of your vehicle. If the airflow meter is not working properly and it’s not measuring the correct amount of airflow it may result in poor acceleration and your car may not have enough power to start.

  • Air Ride Compressor:- Air ride compressor or air suspension systems exchange your vehicle's coil springs with air springs. The air springs is made of toughened rubber and plastic bags magnified to a certain pressure and height, exactly like coil springs which make your ride comfortable even if your vehicle is heavily loaded.

  • Alternator:- The alternator is considered the soul of your vehicle and without it your vehicle may not even start. It supplies power to all of your vehicle’s electrical components, and secondly, it is also generated current to charge your car battery while you are driving. An alternator generates its power by converting mechanical energy into electrical energy

  • Amplifier/Radio:- The function of an amplifier in a vehicle is to enhance a small audio signal to a higher voltage to increase its volume. An amplifier boosts the signal received from your vehicle's radio to a speaker which gives you a louder volume inside the vehicle. OEM auto parts match the OEM part number of your amplifier to give you the exact match. 

  • Antenna:- The main function of an antenna is to magnify the reception of radio waves. The antenna on your car helps you to listen to various radio stations. The radio antenna may not necessarily be on top of your vehicle, it can be located behind the bumper or somewhere else.

  • Anti-Lock Brake Computer:- An anti-lock brake system or ABS, is a system that is specially made to prevent your brakes from locking up while braking and helps you keep up control of your vehicle. OEM auto parts match the OEM part number of your Anti-Lock Brake Computer to give you the exact match.

  • Anti-Lock Brake Pump:- The ABS Pump is an important part of the anti-lock braking system which prevents your vehicle's wheels from locking and skidding when you take a sudden break and provides instability to your vehicle. It allows you to have better control of your car during braking. It reduces the speed of the vehicle by stopping the movements of the wheel. But in some situations, your vehicle may not stop even after the tires are still, in such situations your ABS pump jumps into action and stops the movement of your tires. ABS is a vital part of your car's safety system OEM auto part team recommends having it inspected regularly and get it replaced whenever you experience any problem.

  • Axle Assembly Front:- Your vehicle moves forward by rolling on tires, Front axle assembly connects those tires from the front part of a vehicle, which allows wheels to rotate. The front axle also carries the weight of the front part of the vehicle. It absorbs shock and makes steering easy and your drive comfortable. OEM auto part has a wide range of front axles available at a very reasonable price, please visit our site to find your front axle.

  • Axle Assembly  Rear:- In the case of a rear-wheel drive, the power flows through the engine and gets directed to the rear wheels through the clutch, gearbox, propeller shaft, and then via the differential to the driven wheels. It holds the driven wheels and conducts power to them for better performance on road. OEM auto part has a wide range of front axles available at a very reasonable price, please visit our site to find your front axle.

  • Axle Beam Front:- A beam axle is a firm beam that connects the side wheel and offside wheel. Axle beams are usually used on larger and heavy vehicles. You can find axle beams on four-wheel-drive trucks and trailers too.

  • Battery:-A vehicle’s battery can be recharged. The most important function of a battery is to provide current to the electronically powered starting motor which starts the internal combustion engine to make it move.

  • Bell Housing:-A bell housing is named after its bell size shape and it is an extension of the engine crankcase which contains the flywheel and the clutch. It is usually made of cast iron, steel, and nylon.

  • Brake Booster:-A Brake Booster is a brake safety component that is situated in-between brake pedal and brake master cylinder and works as force increasing component that uses engine vacuum to enhance the force applied by you on the brake pedal before sending it to the master cylinder which provides effective braking and eases to the driver in applying brakes.

  • The camshaft:-The camshaft is a motorized part of an internal combustion engine. It opens and closes the input of fuel and the expulsion of exhaust fumes through exhaust valves of the engine when required.

  • Carburetor:-A carburetor’s basic function is to mix air and gasoline and provides a highly combustible mixture. It controls the speed of your engine as well as also controls the air-fuel ratio.

  • Carrier:-A car carrier is also known as a car hauler, car-carrying trailer, or transport trailer is a type of trailer made to transport passenger vehicles through the truck. 

  • Clutch Master Cylinder:-When you press the clutch pedal, the clutch master cylinder forces fluid through the system to the clutch slave cylinder to unlock the clutch. Clutch master cylinders are hydraulic in nature, clutch master cylinders are often prone to issues like leaks, we at OEM auto parts recommend getting it inspected at regular intervals to avoid any accidents

  • Coil/Air Spring:-The main function of a coil spring or air spring is to give your vehicle its desired height, to support proper position, and to absorb shock conducted through the tires. Constant stretching gradually weakens your car's suspension system your car sag. OEM auto parts team always advises our customers to replace their coil springs when required for a smooth ride