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How To Fix Your Car’s Broken Horn

The horn is the most important safety device on your car. A broken horn is a frustrating problem for any driver. The horn is a safety feature that alerts people of your presence on the road. Without it, you are putting yourself and others at risk. It alerts other drivers of your presence, and it's a vital part of your car's signalling system. If you have a broken horn, it needs to be fixed right away. The horn is a car’s way of warning other drivers about its presence. It is also used to get the attention of pedestrians, cyclists, and other drivers in the event of an emergency.

The horn is not just an accessory on your car, but rather an essential safety feature that should not be neglected. A broken horn can lead to traffic accidents, so make sure to get it fixed as soon as you notice something wrong with it! If your horn is not working, it can be a very dangerous situation for you and other people on the road. This article will teach you how to fix your car’s broken horn.

The most common reason for a broken car horn is corrosion from water or salt. This can happen if you live in an area with harsh winters or salty roads, or if your vehicle has been submerged in water.

There are several ways to fix a broken car horn, but the most common method involves using electrical tape to hold the wire together. This will restore power to the wire and allow the horn to work properly again.

It's not always possible for people to find their way to a mechanic when they have a problem with their vehicle. This can lead them to having no other option but to try and fix it themselves. However, if you're going to be trying this yourself, it's important that you have some know-how of what you're doing because there are certain risks.

First, make sure that there are no loose connections or damaged wires on the horn. If there are any loose connections or damage on the wires, then you will need to take your car into a mechanic to have them fixed.

Working Principle of a Car

The car horn works similarly to a loudspeaker, when horn button is pressed and a flow of current surges which converts into sound. A vehicle’s horn is allowed to have minimum of US is 87dB sound level, so always make sure while purchasing a new horn for your car that the horn you are buying is within the legal permitted sound level.

Few important parts of a horn are: 

·       Push-button

·       Horn relay which sends current to the horn

·       The battery

·       The horn

Types of Horn Problems

·       The vehicle’s horn has completely stopped working

·       Horn is making a weak sound

·       Horn starts blaring on its own and doesn’t stop

Fixing a Horn with Weak Sound

Most vehicles have more than one horn and they together create the sound. If any one of them goes bad, the system will not be able to make precise sound. 

Before replacing the faulty horn always make sure that the battery is working properly and has not gone bad. The voltage of your battery should be 12 volts and you can get it checked or check it yourself with the help of a voltmeter.

How to find out which horn is faulty:

1.    First you need to open your vehicle’s hood. 

2.    Second step will pe locating the horn, it is usually located near the radiator.

3.    Honk the horn with someone’s help

4.    Make sure that both electrical wires are connected to the horn and not damaged. 

5.    Place your both hands near or on horn. 

6.    The horn which is not vibrating or least vibrating is the faulty one.

How to replace the car horn:

1.    Find a suitable a replacement horn.

2.    Remove the horn from the vehicle car and detach the electric wires.

3.    Attach the newly purchased horn in its place and link the wires.

When Car Horn is Not Working at all

If your vehicle’s horn has completely stopped working, then one of these parts may have a problem:

·       Fuse of your vehicles horn

·       Relay of your vehicles horn

·       The horn by itself

How to find out if the Fuse is Defective

1.    First step in finding out the problem is to locate the fuse box. 

2.    After finding the fuse box locate the horn fuse. 

3.    To need to take the fuse out and inspect it. 

4.    If you find the electric connection inside the fuse damaged, the fuse is defective.

5.    But if the fuse is not faulty, then you need to inspect other parts. 

How to find out if the Relay is Defective

The purpose of your vehicles horn relay is to switch on the horn when horn button is pressed. A relay lets the switch circuit move on a low current and lets the horn function on a high current, this prevents the system from heating up. If you have already checked your vehicles fuse and found no damage, but the horn is still making no sound, the relay is probably the cause of the problem.

How to diagnose the relay:

1.    First step is to find the relay and fuse box in the engine section, you can locate relay by using the circuit diagram on the fuse box.

2.    You will be needing two people for this stem, lay your fingers on the relay and ask the other person to press the horn button from inside the vehicle.  

3.    If the relay is making ticking sound when the horn button is pressed, it is not faulty but if is not making any sound at all your relay is damaged and needs replacement.

Fixing a Car Horn That Won’t Stop Honking

If your vehicle is honking by itself without pressing any button, the following parts can be the reason:

·       Horn push button is damaged

·       Horn relay is damaged

·       Wiring of the horn is damaged or there is a short circuit in it 

How to Find Out which one the above is Damaged

1.    First you need to find the fuse box, you can find it by using the circuit diagram.

2.    If the horn stops honking as soon as you remove the fuse, it indicates that the push button is damaged.

3.    To solve this problem, you need to replace the push button with a brand new one

But if the horn does not stop honking even after removing the fuse, it is probably the relay which is causing the problem, now how to fix it:

1.    First find the relay box in the engine compartment, open it and remove it completely, this should spot the horn from making any more sound.  

2.    Switch the relay with a new one from the box.

3.    Press the horn button from inside the vehicle to check if the horn is working now.  

If changing the relay does not solve your problem, the you should check the wiring. With the help of an electric continuity tester, check for short circuit or you can get it checked at your nearest auto repair shop as this process is quite complicated.

It's not always possible for people to find their way to a mechanic when they have a problem with their vehicle. This can lead them to having no other option but to try and fix it themselves.

Now that we have covered how you can fix your broken car horn, it is advisable to find a professional to fix your car problems if you don’t have much knowledge about cars and how to fix them.

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