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6 questions to ask before buying used car parts

The biggest challenge which every car owner faces around the globe is to buy spare parts for their car when required. There is a common situation in every car owner’s life where there is a need to buy spare parts for the car.

Nowadays, you not only get used car parts in junkyards or automobile shops but online junkyards and websites are also a viable option. Automobile industry has undergone a drastic change with the growth of online shopping. Buying used car parts for an automotive online saves time and usually reduces the prices too. Nowadays, there are different types of used parts that are available online, however, one should have enough knowledge about it technically in order to choose the right one for their vehicle.Here are some tips which will come handy for you while choosing the best used care part:

1) Compare the price: Price is a prime factor which needs to be considered while choosing spare parts especially via online medium. Car users who are not well aware of the price of auto parts need to research regarding the prices to have a better idea of OEM parts at an affordable price range. As a customer you should compare the price of a particular used part on different e-commerce websites and also to compare the quality of the product.  For eg: you can check in websites like ebay,, amazon etc. in order to check and compare the prices.  

The ultimate aim is not to settle for the first option that you see because there is a possibility that there can be another option which is better and more profitable in all aspects. Compare all the prices and weigh all aspects in for getting your best deal. Do check companies Google My business reviews because they are genuine and cannot be rigged by owners, all thanks to Google’s algorithm.  

There is also a big misunderstanding amongst customers about the delivery charge of a product. If you think you’ll be charged negligibly for the delivery of auto parts, you’re wrong. Auto parts are huge and can also reach up to 500lbs or more. To deliver such used parts, the vendors need to invest in palleting, packaging, insuring & also at times the vendor needs to arrange unloading equipment’s like cherry picker, lift gate or fork lift etc. for the customer for which you will be charged additionally. So you need to be prepared for it. 

2)   Warranty and Return Policy: The warranty period assures you that the product can be exchanged or returned. Warranty period allows you to return or demand replacement or get money back if the product is within that promised period. Make sure you don’t fall prey to impractical warranty periods like 9 months or even worse 1yrs – 5yrs. The standard warranty period from a genuine vendor are usually between 1 to 6 months. It’s always ideal to purchase guaranteed/warranted product only. If you’re buying a spare part online, never forget to go through the website’s return policy details, go through the details and make sure you understand the policies clearly. 

3) Knowing your seller: It’s always important to know from whom are you buying the spare part. It is very important to know all the background and whereabouts of about the seller as well as his/her credentials, as there are many fake companies out there trying to scam you. And from the huge number of e-commerce sites it’s very difficult to find the genuine sellers from the fake ones. It is important that you deal with the correct website and that the seller is a reputed company with a good track record. And an important caution is that a genuine website will never ask for any details until the order is placed. One can always check for their Google review, match their address and also their company’s phone number, check if the company has seal trust from reputed payment companies like etc. 

4) Review specifications: To make sure that used car part is compatible one needs to ensure you have the correct specifications. Refer to various online automobile e-blogs articles to get a detailed information regarding the specifications of the used auto-parts, it’s always better to wait, research online or consult with experts to weigh in your options to figure out what specifications are you looking for. You need to check the owner’s manual of the car to understand the specifications for all parts that are needed for your car. You should learn the specifications and your requirements and check if it matches with the product that you order through any website. Eg: If you are buying a 2013 Ford Mustang Coyote 5.0 Engine With A/T Transmission (2WD), you need to have a clear idea of what kind of specifications you need especially the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), year, make, model, engine size etc. 

5) Tracking and Installation: Tracking and installation are two different areas which you need to know as a used part customer. Usually, customers can save by installing the parts themselves, but there are certain parts which require technical knowledge and professional assistance. Hence, it’s always best to have a mechanic/ garage take care of the installation and use his address to ship the part as this helps in saving a lot in shipping because logistics company charge less to transport parts to a business. 

6) Payment: This is something one needs to be very careful about. There are many scammers online but at the same time a customer needs to know that if you are using a debit or credit you will have 120days to report any kind of fraudulent transaction to their banks and get a full refund on it. Do not trust companies that ask you for pre-paid card like Amazon gift card or direct wire transfer because once they charge you or you make a transfer there is no way that you can get back the money. You can always use Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Paypal, or any other medium which gives you a chance to put a chargeback in case of any scam. 

A decent knowledge about the different aspects mentioned above can guide a person to very effortlessly choose the correct used spare part for his/her car. Now since you understand why OEM auto parts you can request a quote for used parts on