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5 Most Common Problems with Your Engine

Engines are a key component of your car, and they have many different parts that can break or malfunction. The most common engine problems are related to the engine's cooling system, the fuel system, the ignition system, and the emission control systems.

The cooling system cools down the engine by transferring heat from it to the air outside of it. If this system malfunctions, then your engine will overheat and you will not be able to drive your car until you fix it. The fuel system provides fuel to your engine and makes sure that it is distributed evenly throughout all of its parts. When this system malfunctions, then your car may stall or not start at all. The ignition system ensures that when you turn on your key in the ignition slot, electricity flows through a wire in order.

If you find yourself looking for a used engine because your vehicle has stopped working but you have a limited budget or you don’t want to empty your bank account by buying a brand-new engine then you should definitely have a look at used engines. But choosing a used engine for your car is not an easy task either.

Its important to be aware and prepared in case your car suddenly stops working. In order to be prepared you need to find out what exactly went wrong with your vehicle. Engine is the heart of every vehicle and one needs to know the basic and common problem he/she can face when it comes to their car’s engine.

1.    Oil Dripping Underneath the Car

If you see a pool of brown or yellow liquid under your vehicle, it is most likely oil. Motor oil is vital for your engine, without it you may start facing engine problems like a blown head gasket or a crack in the engine block.


There are quite a few reasons your car may have an oil leak:

Bad oil filter, the function of an oil filter is to eliminate harmful impurities before they enter the engine. Moter oil lasts for about 3000 miles and after that, you need to get it changed.

One more common reason for an oil leak is a bad seal or gasket. These components connect all the metal parts of an engine and allow fluids to pass through. Fortunately, there are special motor oils one can purchase to help and reinstate gaskets and seals to a better condition.

·      A blown head gasket is something that cannot be repaired easily and this can cost you over $3000 to $4000 roughly depending on the damage

·      Broken or loose oil filler cap

·      Busted oil pan

·      Broken or loose drain plug


A solution to any problematic situation is to avoid it from happening in the first place. 

Change your oil frequently or as the manufacturer suggests. Newer models can last for as long as 10,000 miles per oil change, but still, you should monitor its condition after 5,000 miles.

 If you notice that the oil leaking is very dark, dirty, and rusty looking, you should consider getting replaced early. Especially if you drive a 2000-year model car or older model, you should get your oil changed at 5000 miles or earlier. Leak stop additives which are used to soften and condition the seals are a good option.

If you notice that the leak is bigger. If there is a substantial amount of motor oil underneath your car, chances are that you have a cracked engine block. Get it checked by a professional mechanic as soon as you can. We provide all kinds of used engines for sales as well as other used OEM auto parts, contact us for A grade, tested used engines, and other OEM auto parts.


2.    Overheated Motor

If the temperature gauge of your vehicle suddenly rises to the red zone, your engine is probably overheating. First and foremost, you need to pull over and turn your engine off, this will prevent things from going bad to worst.


There are numerous reasons why your engine may become hot. 

·      Little engine coolant, which usually happens because of a leak. 

·      Radiator jam, this usually happens when antifreeze is not flowing properly, this block hot air inside instead of dispersing outside.

·      Bad water pump, the pump forces coolant from the radiator to engine block. If the water pump is faulty, it will be unable to lower the temperature in the block.

·      Cracked engine block, a crack in engine block can be caused by extreme changes in temperature. An engine block is a solid metallic piece, and thermal expansion can cause it to deteriorate and crack.

·      Cracked or spoiled thermostat

·      Defective cooling fan

·      Damaged radiator cap


 As soon as you notice the overheating light on, pull over at safely at the side of the road and let it cool down. Don’t try to open the hood up until the temperature gauge signals that it has returned to normal. 

Check the level of coolant to make sure you are not running low. 

Make sure the radiator hose is not detached, damaged, or blocked. If you find it detached, you can rewire it.

Restart your vehicle and keep monitoring the temperature gauge. If you face the same problem again, take your vehicle to a mechanic to diagnose the issue. And if you need a spare part, we are here to provide all kinds of used engines for sales, contact us for A grade, tested used engines, and other OEM auto parts.

3.    Stalled Motor

A stalled engine can be caused by three main reasons, not having enough air, lack of gas, or not getting enough power. You may notice that your power steering is not working properly, turning the wheel will become difficult. The engine will stop rotating, and it will become difficult to brake. In this situation, pull over as soon and as safely as you can.


·      You might be out of fuel/gas.

·      Your vehicle's air filter is clogged, in this case, your engine is not receiving sufficient air.  

·      Alternator is damaged. The alternator keeps your car running by supplying power to various components for your vehicle. If the alternator stops working, your car will too.

·      Inconsistent air/fuel mixture

·      Dead battery

·      Damaged fuel pump


Pullover safely turns the engine off and turn hazard lights on.

Check and see if you have run out of gas.

Check the air filter for any clog or any visible gunk and dirt. If you do not notice any problem, call a tow company and take it to your nearest auto repair shop. And if you find out that you need to replace a certain part, we are here to provide all kinds of used engines for sales as well as other used auto parts, contact us for A grade, tested used engines, and other OEM auto parts.

4.    Motor Won’t Start

If you find yourself in such a situation, where your car is not starting, there are a few things you can check and do before taking it to a mechanic.


·      The most common reason why your car won’t start is a dead battery. Try to listen for a clicking sound, which will confirm that you are indeed out of power. 

·      Second is the possibility that your fuel filter is blocked, and this will meddle with the combustion process.

·      Failure of the catalytic converter

·      Defective ignition switch

·      Rusted battery cables


If your battery is dead, you can try jump-starting your car.

If there is no problem with the battery, all you can do is take your car to an auto repair shop.

5.    Service Engine Soon Light

Service Engine Soon or check engine light usually lights when an error is detected by Electronic Control Module. ECM is in charge of making sure that the engine is functioning as it should be. 


·      Defective catalytic converter

·      New spark plugs required

·      Planned service is due 


Check your vehicle's gas cap to make sure it’s fastened on properly. The fuel system is pressurized and if it is not sealed properly, which can prompt ECM to sign an issue. 

Check your fluid levels like oil, coolant, transmission fluid, etc. Also check for maintenance items like oil filter, air filter, etc. If everything is in order, you should take your vehicle to an auto repair shop. aims to provide the premium used engine in quality, we inspect every used auto part we sell to guarantee that every used engine meets the standard before packing and sending it to our client’s location.

We provide used engines for sales for all brands of cars such as Ford engine, GMC engine, Toyota engine, Honda engine, BMW engine, etc. Whatever make and model your car is, we have an engine available for it. You may require a diesel engine or a gasoline engine or any other type of engine, we will provide you with the used engine you need at a very economical and affordable price.